Google Drive: Cloud Storage and Files Backup

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5 Additional Google Drive features

Data storage service in the cloud, Google Drive turned out to have many features that many people still rarely know. You may be familiar with this Google-owned app to secure any type of data on your laptop or smartphone. But, have you any idea what Google Drive features? Check how much you understand this powerful feature through the following article!

Convert PDF to Text
Often you get a file submission from a colleague or a friend in the form of a PDF in Google Drive. Then, you want to make changes to the shared document. Of course, the document must be changed first to text format. To change this, you don't need to use the help of other apps because the tool has a convert PDF to text feature.

To do this, open the PDF file you want to edit, then select Open with Google Docs or ' Open with Google docs ' at the top of the file. The simpler way is to right-click the PDF file you want to edit, then select Open With Google Docs. You will be given the option of whether to open a file with PDF or text.

Translator features
Getting files in a foreign language will certainly allow you to understand its content if it is not familiar with that language. You can translate the file directly with Google Drive after uploading it. So no need to bother using Google Translate first. Although the process of translating documents in Google Drive is not separated from the integrated Google Translate help.

How to upload a file, then right-click the file and select Open with Google Drive. Then select the Tools menu and select the language you understand. After that the new translation process by clicking on Translate. Automatically, your files will already change to the language you understand.

Collaborator-based detail search
If you use Google Drive for business purposes, it's sure that there are many files in your storage. The problem arises when you want to search for a specific file from a colleague or a business relationship (collaborator). If you're diligent in sorting and grouping files based on the project you're working on may be easier. But what if not? Plus you forgot what the file name is.

Just relax, this powerful tool will help you find the file. Simply type a name or your collaborator's e-mail address in the search field. Thus, all files associated with that collaborator will appear. From there you can start searching for the files you want to use.

Drag and Drop feature
There are still many users of this application who have not maximised to upload files. Most still use how to click the New, button upload file, Select the file in the laptop directory. In fact, using drag and drop, you can trim this process. The step is, select the file from the laptop storage, Click the file and hold, drag it to the Google Drive page (drag), drop in Google Drive.

Sharing and privacy
Google Drive also makes it easy for you to share the same files or protect the privacy of the data you're working on. It's quite easy, just change the settings on each file. If you want to collaborate, just enter the person's e-mail address. Then select access privileges, can only view files or can edit. Pretty easy right?

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