8 Best Sites to Convert PDF to Word Online

PDF has become one of the popular, safer document file formats, and offers good file compression compared to Word. But word is very easy to edit documents. These two types of file formats surely have their own advantages and disadvantages. You've certainly encountered a situation that makes you have to edit your PDF file. But it will be very troublesome you have to first install the converter software for PDF. Now you no longer need to struggle because there are already many online converters available to convert PDF to Word and vice versa. Here are some PDF converter sites for free.
Convert PDF to Word Online
Convert PDF to Word Online

PDF2Doc is a site that provides services converting PDF to Word and vice versa. Besides PDF to word this site also has other converter features, such as DocX, Text, JPG, PNG, XPS, PDF compressor, Combine PDF, and others. Not only is PDF2doc can convert up to 20 PDF files at once by uploading a file and you wait for the convers to finish afterwards you can download files one by one or all at once. Website: https://pdf2doc.com/id/

Small PDF
Small PDF offers a convenient way to solve all the problems related to PDF. This web-based application presents 16 different PDF features and functions, including PDF converter, pdf unlocker, pdf, splitter, etc. Small PDFS are available on a variety of platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux that allow you to download files, drag files, and select files from your system. Small PDF is perfect for daily file conversion tasks. You can also subscribe to the Pro available $48/year, which comes with additional features such as creating and storing digital signatures, free of advertising, and offline to convert PDF to Word, etc. Website: https://smallpdf.com/id

If you're looking for an easy tool to create PDF conversions and be an uncomplicated task, online2pdf is one of the best choices. Features available on online2PDF, such as combining files, extracting pages, rotating PDF pages, compressing PDFs, and converting files into different formats. You can select multiple files at once and change them separately. Advanced OCR is a feature available on Online2PDF that allows you to scan PDF files for editing images. What's more you can convert a maximum of 100 pages and a maximum file size of 50MB. PDFtoWord PDF To Word is one of the best sites in terms of converting PDF files to Word. Using it is very simple, you just need to go to the site, select your PDF file, and input your email and then press convert now. It's easy to convert PDF and it takes a few minutes to process it. When you're done you'll get an email containing the PDF file. Website: https://www.pdftoword.com/

Google Drive
Google Drive also has a feature that allows to convert PDF to Word. Google also provides a free and fairly straightforward service. How to use it very easily you just need to upload a PDF file on Google Drive and then you select Open with to Google document wait until the document file is open and there can directly edit the file. Google Drive is also one of the recommendations of converting PDFs to Word without needing to install and again for free. Website: https://drive.google.com/ 

Foxy Utils
Foxy Utils is an online pdf-to-Doc converting tool that converts in a short time. Similar to SmallPDF, the site is very well known for its batch processing capabilities. But unfortunately this feature is not available in the free version. If you have a lot of files to convert and you are ready to spend money, then Foxy Utils very in the recommendation. Foxy utils are available on all platforms like Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Amazingly, when you convert a PDF to a document format you can save directly to Dropbox or Google Drive. Unfortunately the OCR feature available on Foxy Utils can only be used if you become a premium member. Website: https://foxyutils.com/

Ilovepdf Converter is one of the simplest online PDF tools that provides a minimalist look towards PDF conversion. There is a solid PDF that not only provides the facility to convert PDF to Doc You can also merge, split, break files, and convert other formats. You can create an account for free and you can see the conversion history of the files you've ever done. Your saved files can also be downloaded immediately if you use your account. Unfortunately, if you convert PDFs will largely spend a long time. Website: https://www.ilovepdf.com/ 

Alto PDF
AltoPDF is another excellent and easy to use PDF to Word Converter. You simply drag and drop files before you start a conversion, besides Google Drive and Dropbox you can also select files from Microsoft OneDrive. The conventions file can be downloaded easily with a single click. instantly process and many of your edited files retain the format as long as you edit. Unfortunately this site can not upload batch files. Website: https://altopdf.com/

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