WordPress Cloud Hosting

WordPress Cloud Hosting

Here is an example of Wordpress Hosting Excellence that has been optimized with CloudPOP.

WordPress Cloud Hosting
WordPress Cloud Hosting

Cloud Based Hosting
Wordpress Hosting you will use Cloud Based Hosting so that in terms of scalability will be much higher than the normal Shared Hosting.

Wordpress Optimization for Hosting Performance
Your hosting will be specially designed for WordPress usage and get Extra CloudPOP to get you the best Wordpress Hosting performance.

Storage Using High Speed ​​SSD
Your data is stored in a high-speed SSD and uses a daily backup system that will automatically backup in our server.

CloudFlare support
Your Wordpress Hosting is specially designed to support CloudFlare usage.

Ready for HTTP2 & SSL
Your WordPress Hosting supports the use of HTTP2 and SSL which you can get for free or paid.

cPanel Control Panel with Apache Litespeed Module
Using cPanel Control Panel with Extra Litespeed Apache support will make your website faster accessible.

Free Set PHP Function, Version & Limit
You are free to set the limit and PHP version you want to use on WordPress Hosting.

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